Patience Until Bridal-Hood

Photo by Meredith Dobbins Photography

I won’t lie that I’ve been in my thoughts a lot recently about relationships, especially post catching that bouquet and having numerous people come up to me afterwards asking if I’m ready for marriage when I don’t even have a boyfriend. “No, no everyone, it was just the numerous orange/mango vodkas giving me a healthy boost of aggression and competitiveness!”. I’ve certainly been in my fair share of relationships over the last ten years but after putting myself through A LOT of unnecessary stress, I’ve decided to become more comfortable and familiar with singularity. It’s not the easiest thing in the world, especially with social media stuffing everyone’s happiest moments down our throats. But I couldn’t imagine hopping into something with just anyone. I feel I owe it to myself to be a lot wiser about the people I surround myself with in friends and romantic relationships. It takes a lot of self awareness to pay attention to the traits in people that I see to be red flags early on and actually implementing distance. I like good energy around me and sometimes you have to clear some space to let that energy flow and to see what new blessings are waiting.

To My Future Husband,

While yes, sometimes I am lonely… and I often wonder who you are and what you’re like, I also know that its important that we both build ourselves into the best versions of us before the universe has our paths cross. For a great love, I am willing to be patient. I know we both deserve the world and should be in the right mind space to give that to one another. Just know when the time comes, its going to be a beautiful experience.

I thank God for you already, Britt

An affirmation for today:

I am stronger and wiser than I give myself credit for. I know I deserve better than what I’ve allowed myself in the past and I am determined to give myself better in the future. Until then I am focused on my personal transformation, I will be motivated and productive in getting my life to where I want it, because I only have one and this time will not be wasted. I will learn to love myself better before I devote myself to another. I will be kind, patient, and caring with ME in order to grow to be the best and most mentally and emotionally healthy version of myself.

I hope you took the time out to do something nice for yourself today, Happy Sunday ❤

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