Sssshhhh!! …For this week’s episode, Sumn Slight takes on The Richmond Public Library! …where we barely saw any books but anyway, Great Britt got to sit down one on one with producer, musician, and house show curator Hazelgrove! We talk music, mental health and more! Tap in!

Recorded: 2/15/2020


Episode 5: FEEL GUYS

On this very special episode of Sumn Slight we switched it all the way up! As you know, we started off this season with our Feel Ladies episode… now we get to hear from the guys. We’d like to welcome Sheedo, Güero, OG iLLa, Artae, Skuzii, & …. to the show. Lulu and Great Britt get to sit down and observe some very authentic guy talk. For this hour long episode, they cover the importance of going to therapy, their plans for Valentine’s Day, and more!

Recorded: 2/10/2020



For our latest interview, we hit the streets of RVA… LITERALLY. We enjoyed a nice RVA night on Main St. Seated in a notable spot; the steps outside of our dearly departed Baja Bean. We were joined by fellow blogger Morgan Smith aka Muva Morgs, owner of RVA based Fashion Blog; Pretty Phresh. On this episode we talk fashion, mental health, and important tips for keeping a blog! Tap in with us on all platforms where podcasts are available!

Recorded: 1/25/2020


Episode 3: HANZ

On this episode, we met up with Hanz and took a visit to VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art. We want to thank Hanz for letting us pick his brain and allowing us to get to know him on a deeper level. We sat in the cafe to discuss how he practices self-care, his new project coming next month and we get a little insight on why it’s good to actually get… OUT of the studio sometimes. Tap in with us on all platforms where podcasts are available!

Recorded: 1/20/2020


Episode 2: MAMER (of MamerSass)

For our first interview of 2020, we have Mamer! A pioneer in Richmond’s fashion industry, she had a lot to say about the dark side of fashion as well as what drew her to start her business with her fiancé. We also get a very special and unexpected surprise from them! Tune in!

Recorded: 1/5/2020


Episode 1 : FEEL LADIES

We’re back!! We decided to start this season off a little different and hear more from the women of Feel Good RVA. For this first episode, Great Britt and Sincerely Mari sit down with more of the ladies from the FGRVA team, Kadija, Lulu, & Siona. We talk sex, relationships, and more in this NSFW season opener!

Recorded: 1/4/2020



Episode 10 – AB Badd

For our third and final episode of our VMFA series, we met with AB for his very first visit to the iconic Richmond museum. Perfect timing, as we got to watch the preparation for the unveiling of the NEW The Rumors of War Statue during this recording!

Recorded: 12/7/19

Episode 9 – Güero  

For the second of our VMFA series, we sat down in the Pop Art Exhibit with B Lovee and his childhood friend, musician Güero. We discuss Güero’s plans for 2020, his tributes to his Mexican heritage, how to maintain your mental health, and more! Tap in with us now on ALL podcast platforms!!!

Recorded: 12/1/19

Episode 8 – Sækyi

On this episode of Sumn Slight, we hit the VMFA to talk about Sækyi’s music, his plans for helping NOVA come together, and how artists need to get hip to marketing themselves! Tap in with us! 

Recorded: 12/1/19

Episode 7 – Lanexa The Barber Goddess

This episode is very special to us for more reasons than one. For lucky number 7, we discuss the most recent Speak Here event, Lanexa’s beginnings in hair, and much more in our first hour long episode! We want to give big thanks to Markus Gold for bringing us into his studio and recording this episode with amazing quality! We also want to shout out our fellow Feel Good RVA team members B Lovee & Kadija Ariyibi for joining in on this episode with us!

Most of all we want to give special thanks to Lanexa for coming on the podcast and opening up with us about her personal story. We know sharing this with the world isn’t easy, but we hope you rest fulfilled that you are helping other women out there going through similar situations. If you or a loved one have been a victim of sexual assault, please don’t stay silent, call 1-800-656-HOPE and know that you are not alone in this.

Recorded: 11/23/19

Episode 6 – Aaron Brown

We took a visit to Re:Union (420 W Broad St. ) to sit down with Aaron! We chopped it up about his brand LIVNG, what inspires his music, and of course his favorite anime!

Recorded: 11/16/2019

Episode 5 – DanVHefner

We sat outside on a terrace in Shockoe Bottom with artist DanVHefner and VA based media creator Sheedo. We discussed Dan’s latest project, his love of anime, and more in our longest episode yet!

[The release of this interview was postponed, apologies for the delay. ]

Recorded: 10/19/2019

Episode 4 – RVA C.A.M.P.

We sat outside and enjoyed the weather with RVA C.A.M.P., we discussed the meaning of C.A.M.P., what inspires Luh Kiddo, and we get a clip of an unreleased track!

Recorded: 10/19/2019

[Disclosure – this was originally our 5th interview but we released it early]

Episode 3 – B Lovee

We took an outing to VCU’s Institute for Contemporary Art to see the Great Force exhibit. We discussed B Lovee’s work, what it means for black businesses to keep growing in RVA, and more!

Recorded: 10/5/2019

Look forward to hearing more from B Lovee on Sumn Slight in the future as he joins us as a reoccurring guest host! #FEELLOVEE

Episode 2 – L0VE ACA

We took a trip to the river to sit in nature with Aca. We got to know him a little better and discussed his upcoming event SKIN with way better sound quality!

Recorded: 10/5/2019

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For our first recording, we sat down for a totally impromptu pilot with our friends Earl Mack & Nikko Dennis from Chilalay to discuss the grand opening of their store and some advice for VCU students. Follow the guys on Instagram @Chilalay!

Recorded: 9/29/2019

No mics were used in this episode, equipment coming episode 2!