Photo by Great Britt

Sundays are a beautiful thing. Growing up, they meant church with my grandmother and cousins and as I got older they turned into a day of recovery from whatever shenanigans took place on Saturday. Now, as an adult they’ve returned to a more spiritual purpose – #SelfCareSunday.

Let’s break this one down:

Rest is best

After a full week of hectic work, errands, social interactions, and more it’s important to take a day for adequate sleep and rest. Take a load off and let your body recharge before you embark on yet another week of routines and stress. I’m also more reserved on SCS, as sometimes dealing with other people can be draining in itself and obviously thats counterproductive to what we’re trying to do here! Silence and alone time is healthy!

Log off!

Social media plays such a big roll in our everyday lives, it can be so funny, informative, and entertaining, we often don’t even realize the negative toll it takes. Making you feel less than, not good enough, oh you need to buy more, do more, have more, date more, blah blah blahhhh, omg. That’s exhausting. I know for some, signing off completely is hard but do yourself a favor and take a break from looking into the lives of others to look deeper into yours.


One thing I don’t want to push too too much of in my writing is religious themes and too much spirituality as I know literally every person views these things differently and I would never want to seem biased or as if I was guiding you in one direction or another. But I do just want to touch on taking the moments out to give thanks for life and all the wonderful things that come with it, our abilities, ideas, feelings, lessons, paths crossed, everything. A moment to give love to your universe, whatever that might consist of.

Self love

We are all very critical of ourselves, the world can be very critical of us also, thats not always easy weight to bare. I hope you spend today taking care of you and doing things that will help to put on smile on your face or help you feel less stressed. Exercise, Feng Shui, meditate, get a hair cut, do a face mask, read, buy food from the expensive restaurant you never go to, do SOMETHING that makes your soul feel good and makes you feel better about you.

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day, I slept in, went for a walk (the weather is amazing today), ordered some food, and caught up on a couple shows, I’m topping off my evening with writing and meditation and I have to say I’m in good spirits to start my week tomorrow. Monday always creeps up on us quicker than we would like, but its not so bad when you’re prepared for it!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope to see you all on May 18th for Live & Let Live!

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