Sinclair Reflects On His Experiences In Saint Sinclair

One of the members of the Three TV collective, music artist Sinclar dropped his album Saint Sinclar back in March. Before the album was available on all digital streaming platforms, the nine-track album was exclusive on the recent VCU graduate DJ BoyGirl’s Soundcloud page.  Saint Sinclair is executively produced by Soy and throughout the nine tracks, Sinclair varies his vocals from a rapper’s cadence to a singer’s cadence such as his third track on the album Veterans. On Veterans, he discusses earning more of his stripes with the tasks that are in front of him. He also reflects on his experiences balling and having close calls in his city to back up his statements. Another example of the varying cadences is the seventh track Baton Rogue. The story of Baton Rouge is a story focusing on how an unknown woman is giving Sinclair an enlightened sense of synesthesia. The project is just around twenty minutes long and for nine tracks, some of the songs can be further fleshed out to expound on certain stories discussed in songs like Baton Rogue and No Saviors. Some of the songs have common themes such as women and succeeding with his squad.  You can get his album on all digital streaming platforms HERE. Follow him on Instagram @lawdwoada. 

Watch his visual for Veteran below.

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