Jay Guevara talks with Alex Acosta

Alex Acosta is a Bronx native that would eventually attend Virginia Union University in the 2000s to study computer science. Back in 2018, he was on a panel for the first ever Hip Hop Symposium at his alma mater curated by Union professor Ricky Parker discussing his journey within the culture. In the symposium, he listed his video credits for artists such as Jadakiss, Wale, Waka Flocka Flame, Juicy J, Shy Glizzy and most recently Flo Rida and his video for My House and Snack. The director also has work featured on Revolt TV, MTV JAMS, Netflix, and BET to name several platforms. In the symposium, he stated

“relationships has taken me much further than money ever has”

and almost a year and a half later from that event, I actually managed to chat with Alex on how he maintains his health while keeping a busy film/video director schedule. 

Here’s a look into our conversation…

Jay: Within your profession, how do you sustain a consistent diet? What changes have you made throughout your career to improve your health and can you please describe what is a “normal” workday for you? I would believe that it changes based on whatever current project you may be working on.

Alex: At first the “road life” was tough for me, not really knowing how to eat clean and consistent. Then I started to YouTube a bunch of things I can eat on the road and incorporated that with the gym, and all was well after that. I lost seventy pounds on my weight journey and what changed significantly was the portions I was eating. I began adding more greens to all my meals throughout the day.

My normal workday can consist of ten to fifteen hours directing a music video. There’s minimal sitting and plenty of walking and running to get the shots needed. On travel days I can be on flights from five, ten, to even fifteen hours so eating junk food on planes or travel days can take its course. 

Jay: If you had to go back to your Virginia Union Days, what would be some tips you would give to your younger self and what was the best advice that you NEVER received? What I mean by that is, what was something that didn’t necessarily involve you or happened to you that impacted you?

Alex: Same tip I give myself today, you can never know enough, never stop learning and in every aspect of your life, it’s a lesson good or bad. How you take it and turn it around is up to you. The best advice is, THE WORLD WILL GO ROUND WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. No one cares, work harder.

Jay: At times, do you feel like you stretch yourself too thin with working on projects? How do you balance the workload along with being a family man?

Alex: No. In fact, I feel the opposite. In the past I put work first and because of that I lost many Thanksgivings, New Year’s celebrations, and birthday parties I can never get back with my family, but I wouldn’t take it back! Now that I’m older and we all have a better understanding of our schedules, keeping in touch with family is easier than it was before. 

Jay: I hope you’re familiar with Styles P and his Farmacy for Life brand that helps promote health facts along with selling organic supplements on social media. Styles P, in his own words on The Professionals said he “play[ed] his position, drug dealer, musician/ Now I sell fruit, let’s call this fruition”. His team opened multiple juice bars in his hometown named Juices for Life to promote healthier diets in the food swamps of New York City. Who do you see becoming the next hip-hop face for health?

Alex: I’ve been to his juice bar store before. Plenty of my friends go there and we’re very cool with Styles P. I shot a video for him in the past as well. Far as the next face of health, it’s hard to say because today’s world, especially in hip hop, more and more people are knowing and learning about the importance of health so it can truly be anyone. 

I want to thank Alex for giving me some insight into his self care practices! You can follow Alex Acosta on Instagram and Twitter @mralexacosta and check out his website at mralexacosta.webflow.io

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