On February 1st, 2020, we took a visit out to the good ol’ 757 to show some love for local brand ArtDealer owned by VA Native Wes Powell. This event was held at an up and coming art gallery in Virginia Beach, named Utopia Feni Creative Studios. The vibe of this event was definitely one to be remembered, with art installations from various local artists including: Jun, Rain, Wiiise, Midnight Geist, & Chris Pyrate.

We had a moment to ask the event curator, Wes, what was the inspiration behind this first event? He responded:

My vision for this year is to bring more awareness to the creative community of the 7 cities. I want people to know that there is a thriving art scene in the 757 waiting to be tapped into and marketed correctly. I want to grow to be the best art dealer possible and just help this scene to grow. So it started here…

With that being said, we can’t help but applaud Wes and say that we’re so excited to work with the brand in the future and to see how we can all come together to make the VA art community even better!

We want to thank Wes & ArtDealer for having us out to cover their first art event with Utopia Feni. It was truly a great environment to be in, taking in beautiful art and networking with fellow local creatives is always a move for FG!

See our photo gallery from 20/20 V.V. below!

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