In 2020, Fredericksburg native, Richmond-based rapper Mattison is determined to make this year his year. Even a brief listen through his catalogue lets you know how determined he is. Every song is laced with his passion for whatever topic is at hand.

The intro, “Hidden Agendas Freestyle”, sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song’s seemingly simple looped beat makes way for his rhymes and wordplay to shine through. The two love songs, “Love 4 You” and “Whipped,” are honest about his struggles with fidelity in relationships. Through that, his passion still shines for the women in question by way of his lyricism and the earnestness in his voice. “Let It Go” follows along a similar vein as the intro, where the focus is less on the beat and on his delivery. However, the beat is equally as unrelenting and exhilarated as he is and pairs well with his words. Phrases like “I got self esteem, I got no control,” stick with you, are honest but let you know he knows who he is.

The name of the closer, “Mattison,” is fitting. The rapper finishes the 15 minute project with a track that reaffirms his style and who Mattison is. It’s a strong track for the artist and is definitely a strong outro for the album. The outro and the second love song Whipped are the tracks that will linger in your head long after the album ends, but overall, the album flows well and the 15 minute listen is a excellent sampler for the artist.

In normal Feel Good fashion, we reached out to Chris to ask how he maintains his mental peace with so much on his plate, he had this to say:

My mental peace is maintained by controlling and understanding my emotions. Understanding that nothing is permanent and feelings are temporary. Self care is through my writing and creating music and also exercise. I workout constantly to clear my mind.

Tap into Chris Mattison’s music on all platforms and find him on social media

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