From the Mind Of Magnani

Fly on little wing, Fly on…

There was once a bird. Every morning as the sun rose up into the sky the bird’s eyes opened in curiosity. The beautiful bird had only known life for a few days. However, the bird quickly learned it was unique and not like the rest. As the other inhabitants of the nest began to expand out with their wings covering the sky, the bird’s wings were two different sizes. In understanding and realization the bird began to feel small, sad, and very much so inadequate. Nonetheless, the bird opened its eyes every morning.

Many more sunrises passed as the bird begins to notice a tightness amongst the inhabitants of the nest. At this time the bird has learned that they are one in the same and that it is just has to work a little harder at daily tasks than the others. Days away from being thrown out of the nest and expected to fly, the bird begins to feel afraid. The little wing has made it thus far, however, thus far was only filled with fighting for food and comfortability within the nest.

Every morning as the sun rose into the sky the bird’s eyes opened in curiosity. The bird daily asks itself, “Is today the day I am going to be thrown out of the nest and expected to fly?.” Except today, the bird opened its eyes to new winds while still feeling the sun’s warmth. There was a coldness in the rays of heat on its feathers. The bird looked forward and exclaimed, “Todays the day I am thrown from the nest, and, I will fly.” Hearing a loud scream from its creator the bird looked down at its little wing. As the bird refocused its attention up to the sun, the bird began to see each of its fellow nest dwellers being pushed one by one over the edge
into the abyss.

One by one they go into the abyss while the bird remains still.

The time has come.

The bird feels a nudge from its rear looking back to see its creator pushing it towards the edge. Though the bird seems confident, it is afraid. Afraid of the unknown and uncertainty begin to overwhelm its soul. Looking down the bird sees nothing but darkness. The bird feels its final nudge as it closes its eyes only for a mere second. With the wind rushing towards the birds beak it opens its eyes to see the darkness becoming bigger and bigger with each second. The bird begins to flap its wings harder and harder, faster and faster. However, the darkness becomes bigger and bigger. Closing its eyes the bird begins to scream, “I will fly, fly on little wing, fly on,” over and over again while flapping its little wing to the point of full exertion all while the darkness gets bigger.

Flapping and flapping the bird flies through the darkness as it was merely a cloud in the atmosphere under its nest. Something that seems so dark in the end can turn out to be the skies of dreams we are able to now soar amongst because we didn’t give up. Though your surroundings may look different and your wing maybe unique, you can still fly as the others do. Fly on little wing, Fly on…

-Benjamin Magnani / September 11, 2019

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