From the Mind of Magnani

Photo by Great Britt | Processed with VSCO au5 preset

It’s OK

The world we live in is one in which we see many things,
Our emotions go up and they go down,
Such as the world goes round and round,

In times where the skies are grey,
Don’t quit, always know, it’s ok.

Its ok to laugh, its ok to sing,
Its ok to be different and see the beauty in the little things,

Its ok to smile, its ok to frown,
Its ok to cry when your feelings are down,

Its ok to feel excited, Its ok to feel depressed,
Its ok to ask for help and still say it with your chest,

Its ok to run, its ok to jump,
Its ok to open up and use words like love,

Its ok to hurt, its ok to try,
Its ok to let someone go after they lie,

Despite the sun replaced by the skies of grey,
Don’t quit, always know, its ok.

Its ok to look, its ok to help,
Its ok to start over with whatever you have left,

Its ok to walk, its ok to talk,
Its ok to put your art all over the walls,

Its ok to explore, its ok to wonder,
Its ok to have questions even when you ponder,

Its ok to swim, its ok to lay,
Its ok to take a stand for a new way,

In a world that produces skies of grey,
In the end, if we try and dont quit, it’ll all be ok.

Benjamin Magnani/ September 17, 2019

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