The heart of my blog and something I never want to lose sight of is my mission to get my city to generate more love, not only for each other but for yourselves individually. I want that within Artistry but also within every walk of life. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently is how common of an occurrence it is for people to immediately feel ashamed of how they feel. Sounds a little crazy but I bet you do it! Something happens and for whatever reason, you feel wrong for how you reacted or felt in that moment. Maybe when you were a kid, you were raised to be “tough” or maybe as a grown up someone lead you to believe all your valid emotions were “nagging” or misplaced. NO. As a living, breathing human, you have every right to simply… feel how you feel. It’s ok to cry, its ok to get mad, and its definitely ok to want to be alone and rest. Allow yourself to process things as you need to and move through it healthily with conversation, exercise, and/or your personal preferences of stress relief. But don’t let the negative emotions consume you, I guess thats where things get difficult.

I, myself am infamous for falling into a depressive slump after going through a difficult time. But I’ve had to teach myself to look at this big picture through a different scope. There is so much to do, experience, and enjoy! Even though sometimes sadness is inevitable and there is nothing wrong with being sad, there is no time to let it consume you. This life can be short and our time here is very precious, we have to give it our all and keep going. Clearly that’s a lot more difficult to accomplish when you bottle up everything that doesn’t make you feel so good. Alone time is essential, going on solo walks, listening to music, long showers, etc. Time to process everything in the midst of a hectic life is really important. That paired with constructive stress relievers are both key players to a healthy mind and spirit.

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