Over the last week and a half I’ve been trying to start multiple posts. I would start to write and get no where. I’ve been so inspired through art, pictures, and experiences but in turn my writing has a hit a wall. I decided for the month of July to take to my blog focused Instagram account ( @_greatbritt_ ) and express my view through pictures. I made it a goal to myself to try this new outlet and to show you moments in my everyday with excerpts of my thoughts. Mini blog posts if you will. I’ve been going to sleep more and more with the same thoughts to cherish every single moment, life is so easily taken away. I just want to give thanks in every move I make, with every soul I cross paths with, I am thankful for every opportunity and ability and I hope to use them to my full potential. 

I want to set a “challenge” to my readers to spend this Summer taking more pictures of simple moments, for every carefully planned and filtered selfie, take a simple photo of a family member/friend or of something significant to you. Look at your bigger picture and embrace every piece of your life that adds to the puzzle that is you.  #JulyIs4Photos 👈📸

A few notes from GB:

  • I learn more and more over time how powerful and effective our energies are. Our vibrations hold so much weight and we don’t even realize it sometimes. Try to stay positive, be nice to yourself and others around you, you never know who’s day you could make significantly better by one small act of kindness. In everything you do, manifest love.
  • Surround yourself with people who bring a positive light into your life. People who encourage you to be better and keep going, people who inspire you, people who truly have love and support for you. Give more value to the word “friend”. 
  • If you are ever feeling misunderstood or alone, need to vent or need advice friendly or tough, I hope you know that I am here. Part of my mission to be a “friend-in-counselor” support, help, resources, guidance without therapy or anxious obstacles. Hit me up!

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