A Late Night Push For You

As I wrapped up a much needed meditation session, it was heavy on my heart that I feel so many people don’t love themselves or the life they’ve been given.

I am an empath, with that being said… I feel sometimes my meditation can be more sensitive to surrounding energies than other times. Tonight in particular, I felt a great amount of love for myself. This hasn’t been a common occurrence in the past but I feel recently it’s becoming more regular. A joyous moment of self-admiration came to halt when I started to feel a different kind of energy

I don’t want to ramble on about how that felt,

I just want you to know I feel you beating yourself up.

I feel you calling yourself worthless and ugly,

I feel you feeling like you don’t matter.

I feel you calling yourself a fuck up.

I feel you.

And I want you to know, it’s time to stop.

Your place and purpose in this grand plan are greater than you could ever imagine, the lessons you are learning through your pain is essential to your growth…

…to your divinity.

You are the only individual that is YOU and if no one has told you today how immaculate your presence is, let me tell you right now. You are important and this world, this life needs you, the future needs you. Giving up, is not a fucking option. Please realize how things can change. The discomfort you feel now is only temporary, and it’s the push you need to take this life by the balls and truly make it your own. YOU are supposed to live this journey, don’t let it take control of you.




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