They Call That……….. Growth.

2018 and the year of age 25, has been quite the experience. It’s kind of crazy going through spiritual journies and entering new chapters in your life. I really feel like my eyes are more open, I’m more aware and knowledgeable. I know what I want and exactly what I DON’T want and won’t put up with. Time is so precious and I really don’t think we should waste it being stressed out. At this point in my life…. I don’t want anything or anyone or to do anything that doesn’t purely make me feel GOOD. I want my soul to feel like flowers… not TV static. This life has so much to offer, it’s just a matter of going after YOUR blessings. We so often go after things that just aren’t meant for us, only to be disappointed when things go south. My best advice for twenty something year olds is to take time to focus on being self aware. Find time to be present and real with yourself in order to find whats going to make you happy. Life is too short to waste it being in toxic and negative spaces and situations.

Even if you don’t full on meditate, I want to encourage people my age to take moments out just to breathe and not think about stressful subject matters. We so often get caught up in the commotion of our every day lives that we detach and go into autopilot and let our monotonous lives take the wheel without even noticing the time passing and the bad habits forming, be self aware that things have to change sometimes in order for you to find happiness and peace within yourself. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just have to stop scrolling, put the phone down, turn the TV off… and breathe. Ask yourself… what will make my soul feel good and fulfilled in this moment of my life? What place am I in? And am I content with it? If not, what needs to be accepted? What needs to be changed? Who needs to be forgiven? And who needs to be forgotten?

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