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“Spring Cleaning”

This year is only two months deep and the emotional and spiritual rollercoaster has been… inexplicable. I feel that this year holds a lot of growth and lessons to be learned. I’ve matured a lot but there are some habits I feel I’ve obtained that aren’t so beneficial for my future. My self-awareness is one of my favorite things about myself, the ability to view me from the outside and from different perspectives, I feel is really a blessing when it comes down to moving through adulthood and not trying to repeat mistakes. One thing I’m starting to realize, is that as much as I advise other people to cut off unhealthy or toxic relationships, I struggle doing that myself. I have a big heart, and I love who I love. My friends are important to me and when I’m invested in people, it can really take a toll on my energies. It’s unfair to me how I let people stress me out and disrupt my peace. I owe it to myself to protect my space. I’ve been through a lot, why willingly put myself through more fire? I know who without a doubt is actually in my corner, and they know who they are as well, I love you and thank you for supporting my journeys.

[ I hope you read this and applied the “I”s and “myself”s to you! It’s ok to let go sometimes. It’s often necessary ]

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 Happy birthday DW ❤